A Full Year of Weekly Market Reports

Here are some of our favorite outfits Sal has worn over the past year. Let us know which one is yours!

Our weekly market recap has grown from mere infancy last summer into a full-fledged report this summer. We've curated and developed the format for the videos, and hope that we've improved since we started last year.

However, the one constant during this past year has been, you guessed it, Sal's outstanding fashion sense. His fashion sensibility and great smile was always a much appreciated safety net for the videos, for when all else failed, we knew that the video would still look good. So, in honor of one year of Market Reports and of Sal’s daring fashion sense (and because all our fans begged us to do this), we present a review of Sal’s best outfits.

Sal’s go-to shirt and tie combo has been his matching pinks. It’s bold but safe. Flashy but somehow conservative. He dazzles us all.

Another article of clothing that got some attention was Sal’s cardigans. In the one featured above, he rocked the classic cardigan and then found a perfectly complimenting lavender tie to pull the whole outfit together. Remarkable!

And last, but definitely not least, Sal sported an intricate red sweater during the winter (which fans affectionately dubbed his 'santa sweater’). This outfit literally left both us and fans speechless.

Thanks for watching our videos, and regardless of your reasons, whether it’s because you enjoy the timely information provided or just to keep up on Sal continues to showcase is great style for another year. we hope you keep on watching them.