A Full Year of Weekly Market Reports

Here are some of our favorite outfits Sal has worn over the past year. Let us know which one is yours!

Our weekly market recap has grown from mere infancy last summer into a full-fledged report this summer. We've curated and developed the format for the videos, and hope that we've improved since we started last year.

However, the one constant during this past year has been, you guessed it, Sal's outstanding fashion sense. His fashion sensibility and great smile was always a much appreciated safety net for the videos, for when all else failed, we knew that the video would still look good. So, in honor of one year of Market Reports and of Sal’s daring fashion sense (and because all our fans begged us to do this), we present a review of Sal’s best outfits.

Sal’s go-to shirt and tie combo has been his matching pinks. It’s bold but safe. Flashy but somehow conservative. He dazzles us all.

Another article of clothing that got some attention was Sal’s cardigans. In the one featured above, he rocked the classic cardigan and then found a perfectly complimenting lavender tie to pull the whole outfit together. Remarkable!

And last, but definitely not least, Sal sported an intricate red sweater during the winter (which fans affectionately dubbed his 'santa sweater’). This outfit literally left both us and fans speechless.

Thanks for watching our videos, and regardless of your reasons, whether it’s because you enjoy the timely information provided or just to keep up on Sal continues to showcase is great style for another year. we hope you keep on watching them.

The Equation for Creativity

InvestmentNews, the leading provider of news, data, research, and events for financial advisers, recently published an article highlighting not only the importance of, but the necessity for, advisers to invest in an in-house studio as a means to create video content.


 At Asset Strategy Advisors, we’ve been ahead of the curve, working for the last three months to create an innovative space and produce quality content after determining a need within our network. By investing in these new strategies, we recognize the shift fromtraditional marketing, the one way communication style that focuses on interruption rather than information, tocontent marketing that relies on providing valuable information to an audience that is looking for it.

The use of technology has become ritual in our culture, and there are few moments in our day that we are authentically disengaged from it. Our devices wake us up in the morning, earn us rewards at our favorite coffee shops, feed us top headlines as we pretend to check our email in a meeting, and lull us to sleep with the gentle light of connectivity that we are so reluctant to leave, even in our dreams.

The world of finance has seemed to lag, if not separate from, the influence of technology and multimedia platforms, due in part to compliance hesitation and regulation that is a natural part of the industry. However, we must acquiesce that the evolution to these mediums is necessary to reach our audience, and if we do not adjust, we run the risk of not being heard at all.

Now that the big finance firms are grabbing national headlines for investing in quality content, creating engaging video, and establishing a social media presence, we want to share how these platforms have given us the opportunity to engage with clients, the finance community, and other industry leaders in ways that we had never imagined.

Although some were skeptical when we decided to renovate an unused office and turn it into a news station worthy studio back in May of 2015, we saw the unequivocal potential that this place of innovation could offer. Through the fumbled assembly of lights, tireless perfecting of a green screen, and installation of sound absorbing panels, we saw our vision come to life. With a relatively small investment, we had created a fully functional studio to operate as our content laboratory.

In this space we have conducted interviews with industry leaders, begun a biweekly series that discusses the issues that weigh heavily on the minds of our audience, and produced a weekly segment in which our research analyst discusses the highest trending financial stories of the past and coming week.

Through the lens of a camera, we have been transported into the hands, pockets, and homes of our clients 24 hours a day. Professionals in every industry are realizing that marketing has changed, and with it, our relationship to clients, prospects, and other advisers. By understanding that the switch from traditional marketing to content marketing changes the relationship narrative from talking at someone to talking with someone, you realize how important it is to put out content that makes your company worth talking to.

In addition to being a highly effective tool, creating the studio and making videos have been a great way for our office to have a little fun with creativity. New ideas and better topics are constantly thrown around by advisers, clients, and curious onlookers who have seen this innovative process. We are able to reshoot, try something new, take a break and crack a joke, and finally get it right with plenty of footage for a blooper reel because we have full ownership of the space. Advisers feel comfortable stepping into the studio to share practice management tips, portfolio managers are eager to check us out and discuss their investment strategies, and subject matter experts look forward to the opportunity to share their knowledge across new platforms.

Of course, a studio and equipment are simply the tools to build a cutting edge presence in an already over saturated market. We’ve found that the true keys to success in content marketing are the investment of time, dedication of talent, and the willingness to take a risk, even if you might not get it right the first time. For us, this has been a fun, uncharted, and effective investment. Investment News definitely has it right when they say that this is the next big step in the finance world. 

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign”—Jon Buscall

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