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MyRetirement empowers employees to make informed decisions when it comes to their retirement benefits by providing personalized guidance and projected retirement income analysis. MyRetirement can help both employer and employee create a map towards Financial Wellness. 

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  • The Clarity Report
    Begin with a clear view of your retirement needs and initial next-steps. Understand our assumptions, learn about what you will need, discover what you may expect to have, compare your needs with your possible spending power, see if you will have enough money to last, & understand what you can do to help improve your outlook.

  • Personalize your Future
    Continue personalizing your projections. Adjust your profile basic needs (if needed), provide a clearer picture of your household assets & accounts, fine-tune your savings numbers, explore the impact of changing other retirement factors, examine your possible outlooks, & capture your plans with a Choices Report.

  • The Choices Report
    Finish by choosing the path that's suitable for you. We will review your before and after, analyze your choices, & capture your account details. Put your plans into action!

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Example is for illustration purposes only. Individual results will vary. Projections are inherently limited and should not be relied upon as an indicator of future results.