Managed Portfolios

Controlling risk, taxes, and expenses, in an actively managed portfolio, form the cornerstones of our portfolio strategy.

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Asset Strategy Advisors will assess your individual needs and personal situation and work with you to apply the appropriate investment solution to help you achieve your goals. Asset allocation is central to our investment management process. We utilize non-proprietary exchange-traded funds (ETF), index funds, institutional funds and separate account managers (SAM) as building blocks to control cost for our client. We apply a strategic, dynamic or tactical approach as an additional risk management implementation strategy. 

Our Approach

We follow a procedurally prudent 5-Step Process to ensure that your portfolio follows a well-conceived and time-tested step by step approach.


We will help you identify and define your objective, tolerance for risk, time horizon for your investments, and outlook for future needs.


Our quantitative analysts will help design an optimal asset allocation strategy to serve your investment objectives. We dynamically balance this mix with changing market conditions.


We will develop a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as a guiding document to codify duties and responsibilities, as well as goals and objectives.


We analyze each potential investment with our rigorous due diligence process to identify the most appropriate solution, in an objective and unemotional way. Our "open architecture" platform gives us the freedom to choose the best solutions available to suit your needs.


We monitor your progress on an ongoing basis and watch for changing market conditions and new research and information. When allocations fall outside target ranges, we may rebalance the portfolio to bring allocations back to 

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Communication Is Key

Rather than just receiving quarterly or annual brokerage statements from your custodian, you will receive a detailed Quarterly Monitoring Report which includes performance analysis, holdings and asset allocation detail, benchmarks, market commentary as well as 24/7 online access to your portfolios and analytical reports.