Breaking News on Vaccine 📰| Weekly Market Minute

With the presidential election behind us, the short-term focus of the market becomes COVID-19. Well, we just got some great news on a vaccine.

This morning Pfizer and Biontech (bi-on-tech) announced better than expected vaccine data saying that it is 90% effective in preventing infection. Pfizer and Biontech’s announcement put it on track to seek emergency use authorization as early as next week. This is a two-dose vaccine taken 21 days apart. So, its great news showing light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is a long one as we need to have enough of this vaccine created and confidence in it.

For the week ahead, let us see how the markets digest this vaccine news. What is the performance of small cap stocks versus large cap stocks? What is the performance of stay at home stocks versus travel and leisure stocks? What happens to interest rates? The price of oil? And the price of gold?

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Breaking News on Vaccine 📰

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