October Thriller 📰| Weekly Market Minute

Just like some of your favorite Halloween costumes, the last half of October was scary. So, what’s next for this thriller?

The first week-and-a-half of October was relatively calm but the closer we got to Halloween the scarier and scarier the market got. With volatility spiking, stocks sold off - as you would expect. But bonds did not provide the diversification you would have hoped for in this panic selling environment - the same can be said of gold. This is one of the reasons we have been stressing the level of market volatility in these videos and in our market calls. This is because when the VIX lives at 25 and above you have to mentality prepare yourself for this type of environment. In other words, when volatility moves higher so too does the probability of this type of market environment.

For the week ahead, there is a good amount of economic data being released this week, but the focus is on the presidential election. We may not know the winner come election night so the key questions are when will we and then what? How messy, if it all, does this whole process become? If it is not contested and we have a clear winner then that may be enough to bring market volatility down some.

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October Thriller 📰

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