What does a President Biden mean for portfolios? 🤔| Weekly Market Minute

President-Elect Biden becomes President Biden on Wednesday. With a new administration comes a whole new set of questions for portfolios.

Even though President-Elect Biden doesn’t become president until the 20th, the market started positioning for a Biden administration even before election night. This was seen by the run-up in industries such as green energy and marijuana, for example, prior to the presidential election. Once Biden is officially sworn in, COVID-19 remains the number one issue and getting people vaccinated. Related to this - is additional stimulus. What is the size of the next package and what does it include for the unemployed and for small businesses? Outside of COVID, what’s next on the agenda? Is it green technology? Infrastructure? Taxes? We can expect a more traditional approach to foreign policy, especially with our allies, but what about the challenges to be faced with China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea? Then there is the direction of interest rates, inflation, and the dollar – all of which will ultimately determine performance across asset classes and styles.

These are just some of the many questions that will start getting answered this week and we will continue to update you - right here - as we follow market expectations and action.

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What does a President Biden mean for portfolios? 🤔

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